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Become an Art Therapist at the Portside Art and Relational Therapy Institute in Port Stanley, Ontario

Study with credentialed professionals in a community of adult learners. Courses are available in one-week intensive formats. We provide a diverse third wave integrative curriculum that combines academic rigour with opportunities for personal reflection and integration. We provide small class sizes, a large art therapy studio, inclusive, respectful, multi-faith, multicultural perspectives. We have a dynamic, experienced, and accessible faculty with the flexibility to develop and focus on your own areas of interest.


Is about creating yourself.”

PARTI is committed to the belief that that the therapeutic creative process supports relational healing to self, others and the world.

At PARTI we train therapists using a meta-theoretical, client centred relational approach.

Art therapy is a mental health profession that combines the process of creative art expression with models of counselling, marriage and family therapy and psychotherapy to enhance emotional, physical, and mental health. Art and relational therapy provides an opportunity to explore systematically personal problems and potentials, resolve conflicts and facilitate self-awareness and understanding, through the use of art materials and activities.

Our curriculum challenges students to advance their therapeutic values and practical approaches by adopting different lenses. Our programs incorporate hands-on studio practice, giving our students an opportunity to experience studio work along with group processes, projects and collaborations.

PARTI offers a variety of ongoing supportive monthly supervision groups and art therapy workshops. We welcome you to join us for clinical support and the opportunity to connect with other professionals.

PARTI in conjunction with The Counselling House offers an onsite free art therapy clinic staffed by students from our programs. PARTI provides free art therapy as a service to the community-at-large via student practicum placement by acquiring required clinical hours while offering this valuable service to the community.

Advanced Art and Relationship Art Therapy Diploma Program

The Advanced Diploma Program is a distance learning program for those with a masters degree in social work, psychotherapy, counselling, marriage and family therapy, nursing, educators and practicing artists, who wish to incorporate art therapy into their current practice or make a career change.

Advanced Art and Relationship Certificate Program

The Advanced Art and Relationship Certificate is a distance learning program for already practicing professionals who wish to incorporate art therapy into their current practice, thereby infusing something new and powerful into their current practice, not necessarily to become an art therapist.

Final Project

The final project is offered as a guided independent study, working with a final project advisor, students will research a topic of personal interest related to the field of art therapy.

Art and Relationship Art Therapy Advanced Diploma

The Art and Relationship Art Therapy Advanced Diploma program is delivered through on-line coursework, supervision through teleconference, in person, internet, and intensive residential learning.

The focus of this program is on art therapy skills development, art therapy assessment and interventions, as well as gaining an in-depth knowledge of the field of art therapy.

  • Ethics of Art Therapy
  • Art Therapy Trainings and Techniques
  • Self-Supervision
  • Assessment
  • Research Methods
  • Family Art Therapy
  • Group Art Therapy
  • Health, Wealth, Happiness and the Billable Hour
  • Case Studies
  • Child Art Therapy
  • Adolescent Art Therapy
  • Equity and Diversity
  • History and Theories
  • Trauma-Informed Art Therapy
  • Human Development and Art Therapy
  • Abnormal Psychology and Art Therapy
  • Diversity and Inclusion

The intensive residential component of 3 weeks and then 2 weeks on site in studio, present direct experiential learning opportunities.

  • 700 Hours of Practicum Experience
  • 700 Hours of Coursework
  • 25 Hours of Individual Supervision
  • 20 Hours of group supervision
  • A Final Applied Project

3-Week Summer Intensive
Learning includes direct art therapy experiential learning, labs and coursework.

  • Training Group 1
  • Techniques Lab 1
  • Assessment
  • Ethics
  • Group and Family Therapy
  • Group Art Therapy Experiential
  • Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Theory and Technique
  • History and Development of the Profession of Art Therapy
  • Ethics
  • Principles of Group Process
  • Theories, Modalities and Counselling Skills

12 Month Distance Learning
2 Week Summer Intensive
Final Project


  • Year 1: $10,000
  • Year 2: $10,000

Advanced Art Therapy Certificate Program

The Advanced Art Therapy Certificate Program offers an al la carte menu option offering courses taken individually for continuing education. Once ten courses have been achieved you will attain the certificate.

Art psychotherapy utilizes creative expression as a way to heal from relational difficulties and support mental health in a creative manner.

Art and relational therapy provides an opportunity to explore personal problems, conflicts and facilitate increased self awareness, understanding and self-compassion.

Art therapy encourages the expression of emotions, thoughts, sensations, through a variety of artistic activities.


  • $2,500 for 10 courses

To Apply

  • You need to have a Bachelors Degree and/or a Masters Degree from a recognized university as a prerequisite.
  • A written autobiography with an emphasis on personal life experience educational and occupational.
  • A statement describing the goals of the applicant to enter training.
  • Three letters of reference from 2 professional and/or educational and 1 character reference.
  • Your C.V. and portfolio of your art.
  • Application fee $150.00+ processing
  • Letter of Welcome from PARTI’s founder and academic Dean.

Portside Art and Relational Therapy Institute is based on the belief that the creative process is a constructive process of creation, recreation, and unveiling, bringing healing and life enhancement.

We offer a comprehensive Diploma program and Certificate program that is integrative in theory and practice.

PARTI offers an excellent boutique and luxurious program with a rigorous and wide ranging theoretical foundation.

I thoroughly enjoy the exposition of knowledge through continued learning opportunities. An exciting direction of therapy is to integrate creativity with relational systems.

If you are interested in expanding your professional practice integrating clinical skills with creativity and the expressive arts, come and see what we have to offer at Portside.

Campus study at PARTI offers the opportunity to live and experience the city of Port Stanley Ontario and the surrounding rural and city areas of St. Thomas, London, and Woodstock.

In the heart of Elgin and on the shores of Lake Erie, students will find an abundance of outdoor activities year round. This unique location is a fishing village which has attracted a community of artists, musicians, outdoor enthusiasts and special shops with tasty foods, all of which contribute to a vibrant local culture.

Our Commitment

We are committed to providing integrative third wave advanced training to intentionally create lasting personal, couples, families and professional transformation.