Professional Master’s Program

Attendance on-line, in-person or in combination of both

Portside Art and Relationship Therapy Institute of Psychotherapy graduates’ department listed offers professional masters programs. These programs provide advanced professional education leading to specialized degree qualifications that for some are required for professional licensing examination.

PARTI is establishing new programming and will be working on expanding accreditations as a private career college over the next few years as PARTI becomes established with graduate cohorts.

Acceptance for Registration into the Professional Master’s Programming is to begin May 2023. Classes are to begin September 19th 2023.

Be in the first cohort to graduate from this fabulous program!

Applying to the Professional Masters Program

  1. Explore and evaluate the professional programs
    Research and review admission requirements for each program.
  2. Choose your program
    The next step is to proceed with the application process.
  3. When should you apply?
    Opens May 1, 2023 and applications are due by early August.
  4. Complete on-line application package.
    Located on website program page.
  5. Offer of admission
    You should receive your offer of admission within one month of receipt of your application.
  6. What if you don’t get in?
    Given the level of competition in professional programs, it is important to have a second-choice option. Make your application stronger and re-apply in the next session.
  7. Review Requirements to Apply
    A 3-year undergraduate degree with a B average in the final year of studies is the standard requirements for application.
  8. Health Requirements
    Applicants are expected to be in a state of health that allows for participation in the academic and clinical programs without posing a risk to oneself or others.
  9. Police Records Checks
    Many placements (e.g, school, social service sites) require police record checks.
  10. Language Requirement
    English understanding, speaking, writing and reading is needed.
  11. Contact
    Complete application and submit.

Our Commitment

We are committed to providing integrative third wave advanced training to intentionally create lasting personal, couples, families and professional transformation.