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Expressive Arts Camp

Colorful Creative Summer Art Camp Flyer

The Portside ART Institute Summer Expressive Arts Camp is a self-regulation and expressive communication camp for children ages 7-11. Campers will work on self-esteem and confidence building, positive peer interactions, body awareness and improve self-regulation skills, through: art, play, dance and drama.

Expressive creative arts are essential tools for children’s development, offering campers unique ways to explore feelings, ideas and the world around them. Camp arts encompass a wide range of activities, including painting, drawing, dance, drama, comedy, writing, yoga, meditation, and crafts. Each providing distinct benefits and modes of expression.

When children engage in expressive creative arts, they not only develop and fine tune motor skills, they improve their ability to concentrate, and enhance their emotional intelligence. By learning to communicate their emotions and experiences effectively, sharing focus with others, playing and understanding feelings and making friends, they build confidence and self-esteem to overcome obstacles.

PARTI, Portside ART and RELATIONAL Therapy Institute is a positive outlet for exploring, in a supportive and fun environment, a space to process difficult emotions, to build confidence to confront negative experiences, to safely process thinking patterns and behaviors, unpack and explore underlying worries and fears, build skills to enrich children’s lives and equip them with critical skills for emotional and social development.

Camp counsellors are from The Counselling House, providing the specialized child therapeutic focussed programming.

Laurie Ponsford-Hill, PhD

Christie Osborne, CYW, MACP

Emerald Hill, Expressive Arts

Weekdays are from 9am-4pm.

Investment is $100.00 per day.

Group size is a maximum of 8 children per day.

Each week begins with a welcome, and ends with an art show, presentation and BBQ.

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