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The Comedy House

The Comedy House was founded in 2020 and is located at 187.5 Main St. Port Stanley, Ontario. The Comedy House is a part of the Portside Art and Relational Therapy Institute and The Counselling House bringing services to Elgin, Middlesex and Oxford counties in South Western Ontario.

The Comedy House offers a boutique unique and sensory venue that is up close and personal to tickle the senses.

The Comedy House was created by Emerald Hill who hosts and performs stand-up comedy in support of mental health services and programs.

Emerald has trained in art, acting, comedy, event planning and psychotherapy. Emerald trained in art at Arts Umbrella, Grenville Island, Vancouver, B.C., acting at the School of Performing Arts in New York city, USA, comedy at Humber College and Salford University, obtaining her Bachelors of Arts in Comedy Performance and writing. Emerald is currently attaining her Masters in Arts and Counselling Psychology through Yorkville University. Emerald is bringing together the expressive arts and therapy in her work as a comedian.

Emerald has performed at many comedy venues in Toronto, the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and continues to perform at shows located in Port Stanley, London and St. Thomas Ontario, and more.

The Comedy House offers weekly and monthly opportunities such as Open Mic nights, booked shows which highlights talent from across Ontario as well as continuing education, coaching and child and youth programming.

Emerald’s programming through The Comedy House and Portside ART Institute brings together the healing abilities of laughter into a tool of recovery for those that struggle in order to give them a powerful voice and help reduce the stigma and discrimination around mental health issues. Bringing a sense of humor, humility and humanity to recovery makes all of the difference!

Funds raised from events will be going towards the expressive arts therapy programming and the continuing education and internship programs offered that helps to provide free mental health support for those in need.

Want the Comedy to come to You? Presentations, Workshops, School events, Corporate events, Team Building, Opportunities are available at your location. Please contact us for further information.

Emerald Hill

Stand Up Comedy For Beginners

Get laughing this summer with stand up comedy! The Comedy House in Port Stanley at The Portside ART Institute offers stand up comedy workshops for beginners, youth, and adults with your tutor and host Emerald Hill. Work on a five minute set and perform in front of a supportive audience for comedy night!

Comedy Adrift

Comedy Adrift

Comedy Adrift is a developer of diverse comedy performance and writing. Our mandate is to produce appealing comedy theatre that highlights individuals that struggle with any type of issue, have their voices heard, and celebrate their experiences through written word and performance art. Helping them to develop real Canadian stories of dealing with adversity and achievement.

Emerald and her team of volunteers travel to any location to raise awareness of how laughter and comedy can create healing and a sense of empowerment and achievement. We work with any organization that would like to highlight their members community and honour their resilience and contributions.

Learn how to organize your thoughts, write a script, perform your story and create an event that will have profound impact to overcome barriers. Join us to help raise funds and to enhance representation and diversity of communities among us that struggle.

Be an Ally

Anyone interested in volunteering or becoming apart of this great program is encouraged to contact us. If you are apart of an organization the would like to partner with us we would love to hear from you.

Portside ART Institute houses The Comedy House, a 25 seat art gallery and performance space located just off of Little Beach, Port Stanley, ON.

Please contact:

Comedy Adrift

Free Comedy Workshop for ages 11-16

Every Monday 4pm-5pm
Build confidence in performance, public speaking, writing skills, and spinning comedic perspective on everyday dilemmas.
(Walk In Only)

Our Commitment

We are committed to providing integrative third wave advanced training to intentionally create lasting personal, couples, families and professional transformation.