a watercolour painting of flowers on a white canvas

The Floral Collection

Pour Paint on Acrylic

36in x 48in
Dr. Laurie Ponsford-Hill

A single tree stands tall in a field of flowers with rolling clouds for company.

Pour Paint on Acrylic
“A Day To Remember”


Multimedia Pour Paint with Rocks
“Rock Garden Flowers”

24x 24 Inches
Rock Garden Flowers is an appropriate art piece, repurposed to commemorate the height of summer and the ingenuity of rock garden flowers to creatively express the natural beauty of Port Stanley.

Pour Paint on Acrylic

Dr. Laurie Ponsford-Hill

Acrylic Pour Paint on canvas
“Four Daisies”

32×31 inches
Four Daisies is an appropriate art piece repurposed to highlight the gold and blue of the sky and the daisies of Port Stanley.

Our Commitment

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