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Retreat Recovery

If we want to avoid burn-out we need to rethink how we refresh ourselves while we are off the clock. A restorative weekend allows us to recharge so that you can feel more energetic at work after engaging in a restorative process of a week-end retreat. By using your leisure time for various social, physical, and creative experiences separate from whatever your line of work is, allows you to feel more energetic with both detachment from work and relaxation to assist with recovery.

Sunshine is always good for mental health, so is good food, and time spent near water and long walks are good mental medicine. Reconnecting with yourself and/or a loved one on a retreat allows you to catch your breath, hold hands, laugh and/or cry together as needed.

A retreat enables you to anchor yourself, befriend your emotions and nervous system, harness your body for deep healing allowing you to reconnect with joy. The relationship we have with ourselves is our most important relationship. We are lifelong companions to ourselves. Engaging in activities that promote positive encouragement about ourselves aids communication, empathy and social cohesion.

The way we view ourselves underlies personal health, and wellness, professional development and satisfaction and the quality of our relationship with our family. A retreat allows you to cultivate your relationship with self-compassion, curiosity and the joy of learning and growth to strengthen and improve our psychological and physical well-being, which in turn strengthens our relationships and live more fully.

A retreat has the profound potential to wake us up and breathe more life into our lives!

Our Commitment

We are committed to providing integrative third wave advanced training to intentionally create lasting personal, couples, families and professional transformation.