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Why a retreat?

A retreat allows you to remove yourself from the activities of daily life so that you can recharge, refresh, find peace and perspective, realign with your personal goals and find new skills and connections to improve your overall well being in an immersive experience.

Therapy takes place hourly over weeks and you take the learning home in order to apply it. When participating a retreat, you get to incorporate experiential learning by taking yourself away in order to really focus without distractions of daily living.

Our retreats can be either;

  • A day long detox of rest and relaxation
  • A week end experiential excursion
  • A week long get away as respite of vacation
  • A month-long detox, experiential excursion of respite and true immersion to develop a new true take home lifestyle

We offer custom accommodation with add on options so that you can create the experience of your heart-felt desire!

Spend your stay at our tranquil portside loft in Port Stanley with balconies for peaceful yoga sessions, eco therapy and luncheon opportunities with a view of tall ships passing by portside!

Options available

Discover the benefits of meditative introspection, using stillness, breath techniques and visualization practices to help you on a journey of healing, change, connection and growth. Taking time apart in a meditation retreat enables you to quieten your mind from the hectic chatter of daily life, focusing solely on the present moment guiding you towards peace and the fulfillment of your highest potential.

A silent retreat offers silent mediative practice to seek inner clarity and peace. Spiritual direction allows you to ponder life’s circumstances, where you have been and where it is that you are going by breaking the silence, grounding and centering, lighting a candle and talking with our Spiritual Director.

Dynamic meditation uses structured movements and actions, such as in yoga practices to break through limiting beliefs and patterns. Movement allows for connectivity to the body creating bodily alertness, peace and celebrations of life. Daily morning rituals provide structure to the day for healing.

Mantra meditation uses phrases or affirmations repeated to release distractions and creates the opportunity to get in touch with the connection between mind and body.

All seasons are a fabulous time to visit us for your retreat package. Summer is our busiest time as people flock to the beach for rest, relaxation, surfing, boating, hiking and riding the rails of our local train, indulging in our local shopping, restaurant and touring opportunities.

Spring and fall offer the beauty of the changing of the seasons and spring flowers bloom and fall leaves turn colour. Winter offers some different options of polar bear dipping in the lake, seeing the ice sculptures naturally form on the beach and hiking in the snow.

A cold therapy retreat combines nature, yoga, meditation, walks along the beach and forest hikes and combining the elements with breathing techniques, mindfulness practices, and enjoying the out of doors to feel totally invigorated.

Adding a reclaim yourself detox component to your retreat offers you the opportunity to cleanse your mind and body of negativity and toxins with detox and healthy living to nourish, love and care for your true self. Learn how to appreciate your body and look after it for the long-term. Discover healthy recipes and mindfulness techniques to nourish you mind and physical well-being.

Our weight loss retreats combine nutrition expertise, fun and exercise classes and mindset factors to improve overall well-being and self-confidence. With whole foods, sumptuous smoothies, detox drinks and herbal teas on tap, the menu is second to none and can be provided for you to prepare in the chef’s kitchen or prepared with you by our sous-chef!

Women’s retreats are the opportunity to get together for a therapeutic get away to connect with your feminine wisdom, offering you quality time to go within with either solitary practices or if you have a small group, we can take up to 6 comfortably, providing space for connection, understanding and support.

Couple’s retreats offer the opportunity to nurture yourselves and your relationship with a restorative atmosphere and time away to discover new ways to connect, heal and hold one another. Carve out some quality time away to tap into one another’s needs and desires and create a deeper loving, trusting bond. Try new things and learn how to communicate more effectively. A renewal of vows for married couples is another added element to solidify your connection and bond going forward to one another.

The spiritual is another component that can be added to any retreat in order to discover space for reflection and a sense of deep interconnectedness. You will be guided through practices to help you understand your purpose, place in the world and your path in life. Restore your authentic self, feel energized in new knowledge and realign with your values and beliefs.

All of our retreat options can be created to suit your needs specifically and all options can be provided as a Christian retreat for Christians. Our Christian retreats include spiritual direction with our spiritual director, bible study with our non denominational minister and prayer with your choice of praise music for an added bonus.

Art and creative practice are a part of all of our retreat options as well. If you have a specific interest in an art activity let us know. We offer paint, collage, multimedia, photography, drawing, clay and body work.

Our Commitment

We are committed to providing integrative third wave advanced training to intentionally create lasting personal, couples, families and professional transformation.