a man wearing a green shirt sits next to.a woman wearing a red apron, both are painting on an easel


Our Mission

Our mission is to connect, engage, and inform those that struggle with physical, psychological, and social issues in our community by providing a venue for performance and art based programs. Our mission is to discover, create, and share ideas to empower people that struggle to find their voice, tell their story and learn skills to enhance quality of life, lead positive social change and deliver value to members through mental health care, education, and advocacy. Our mandate is to produce appealing expressive art and education programs working alongside individuals with any type of issue through

  • Written word and performance art
  • Artistic creative processes such as dance, drawing, music, painting, photography, sculpture, theatre
  • Multimedia such as video, audio, photograph, text

We provide opportunities for volunteers to engage with organizations to provide emotional support assistance through our different programs

  • Comedy Adrift
  • Art Angels
  • Emotional Support Animals

Partnering with art galleries, museums, and little theatres to provide performance opportunities. We provide continuing education for professionals and our volunteers as well as supervisory support, and workbooks.

Our Commitment

We are committed to providing integrative third wave advanced training to intentionally create lasting personal, couples, families and professional transformation.