The Counselling House would like you to meet Ebony and Ivory, Therapy puppies in training who work with Dr. Laurie and Emerald.

Ebony and Ivory are nearly year old sisters who are Cavapoo’s. Cavapoo is a combination of Cavalier King Charles Spaniel crossed with a miniature poodle.

Ebony and Ivory provides emotional support through her calm demeanour and love for children. She is able to provide comfort, affection, and attention to clients who are experiencing mental health issues or personal struggles within their life.

You are able to engage with Ebony and Ivory as you wish.

An emotional support animal can be beneficial in reducing stress, promote well-being, and increase self-esteem. Having an emotional support animal in the counselling room can provide a comfort to you by allowing them to focus on Ebony and/or Ivory when discussing challenging topics.

Meet Ebony and Ivory and see how she can be helpful in your counselling process!

Thursdays are therapy puppy days in Woodstock!

Emerald travels with our therapy puppies t different locations so that they can interact with staff and/or patients. Would your organization like a visit from Ebony and Ivory, our therapy puppies? Please contact us to make arrangements.

Dogs are unique in that they can understand our communication and read our moods. Dogs are social learners, picking up cues and learning to solve problems by watching. Scent is integral to a dog’s social life. Dogs readily recognize scents of familiar people and can trace chemicals that indicate fear or distress.

Dogs are closely attuned to our behaviours, moods and intentions. Staring into peoples eyes, releases oxytocin-a feel good hormone that modulates affection making both dogs and us feel good. Dogs quickly learn to understand what we say by listening to sounds and tones.

Our distress makes dogs distressed, clearly possessing the fundamentals of empathy, quick to express fondness and to confront those in distress. Dogs empathetic, openhearted natures help people recover from trauma. Therapy dogs have been used to calm and soothe those that are in biological, psychological, social, and spiritual distress.

woman with two puppies
policeman petting a black and white puppy indoors

Our Commitment

We are committed to providing integrative third wave advanced training to intentionally create lasting personal, couples, families and professional transformation.